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Year of Routine

Year of Routine 

By: Ray Weaver, Founder & CEO 2/15/18

I have become a fan of routines. One such routine is giving each New Year a theme. 2018 is “The Year of Routine.” This comes after the “Year of Living Foolishly”, were I attempted to live with less routine, more spontaneity and gave into my impulses. *Note to self, some advice you should ignore.

The routine became clearer after watching ex-NFL tight-end Tony Gonzalez on the Herd last week. The topic came up about what he had noted in other greats from the sporting world. He spoke about the greats being people of “routine.” Their routines are what made them great. Including practice, warm-up routines, sleep, recovery routines, and other routines to keep them focused on what they had to do when it was time to do it.

As the year unfolds, I am looking at my routines. I find some are helpful, some need to be modified, and some I need to let go. Here is my list: 

My Helpful Routines:

A routine bedtime and rise time. I go to bed at 10:00 p.m. and set my alarm to wake at 5:30 a.m.; years ago, I heard sleep and rest are weapons that displace weariness, worry, and fear. I find my mind becomes a refuge of peace when I well rested.

Forgive myself for how I let past events affect me. Past missteps, events, and decisions have been hurtful, painful and set me back personally, financially and professionally. I routinely forgive myself for how I let them affect me when the thoughts of them come up. When they come up, I immediately say, “I forgive myself for how I let X or Y affect me” and then let it go. If ever it comes up again, I remind myself that I forgave myself for that and the feelings attached to them become distant. Bottom-line, I routinely am as loving, forgiving, and kind to myself as I am to others. It’s a choice. Therefore, it is not tough to do.

Scheduled reading time. I schedule one hour a day for reading, normally right before bedtime.

When someone comes across my thoughts, I reach out to them. There are times when people come across my thoughts that I have not seen or heard from in months. When they do, I text them a note that they came across my thoughts. It continually surprises me how they respond positively and accepting knowing that they are being thought of. Most times the connection comes with the response, “I needed that” or “Thank you that made my day.”

Routines I Have Modified:

My diet. Of all the elements I can take out of my diet what has helped me the most ha been reducing my intake of sugar. It does not come without a fight. I like cake, donuts, and ice cream. I have learned is that they do not like me. My body seems to be responding well to the decision. I will keep you posted throughout 2018 on the full effects!

Reduce my intake of news. The news cycle is just that, it’s a cycle. Breaking news is a cycle, but instead told by a different anchor or panel of experts with varying opinions, on repeat. I found the more consumed media the less willing I was to listen to those that do not share my ideology or beliefs.

Routines I Have Let Go:

Gambling. I do not gamble anymore. I let that habit go because it is a black hole in which your money never returns. I too found that I was justifying it has relaxation time. I think of it has a bad love. You know in your gut that it is bad for you. But you justified that they really cared, but it was on track to end badly. Pour one of for the mixtape.

Saying no to things. I now ask myself if, “Am I passionate about what I am being asked to do or participate in?” If I am not passionate about it, I will not do it, and will not give financially to it. If you want to see this in action, watch an episode of Shark Tank.

Routines are part of the keys to success. Some are truly helpful, others require modification, and still others we need to let go. Here’s to 2018 -- The Year of Routine. Happy New Year!