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“I want to sincerely thank Ray for being such a great coach.  I have learned so much and have thrived in various areas in my life since being coached by Ray.  He genuinely cares and knows when to give a little ‘tough love.’  He is professional, very attentive, and truly listens.  I am forever grateful to Ray and will always turn to him for his coaching abilities.  I would refer everyone I know to Ray, as I feel everyone would benefit from his excellent coaching in one way or another.”   — K. Myers, Client Care Coordinator and Sales Executive

“Ray’s executive leadership development and coaching knowledge has been key in the development of the structure of the 10-33 Foundation. Ray’s expertise and insight into the needs of the 10-33 Foundation were instrumental in helping guide the development of our board of director structure as well as our advisory board. I highly recommend to anyone starting or restructuring a business to consult Ray Weaver.”    — J. Wilson, 10-33 Foundation Chief Operations Officer and Founder

“Ray is a phenomenal coach. He’s got a great ability to listen, provide feedback in the form of questions, and help to develop a clear picture of the road ahead. I highly recommend working with Ray if you are looking to grow in your career, change professions, or even just trying to improve your life in general.”     — C. Herndon, CPA, CFE

“Ray Weaver is quietly powerful at coaching. He is one of the keenest listeners I have known. Ray always has your best interest at heart. He’s caring and concerned and wants the best for his coaching clients, but he can be direct and blunt when he needs to be. I unconditionally recommend Ray if you have any coaching needs.”   — M. Mortensson, PCC, MS, SPHR CEBS

“Based on his experiences working with industry, military, and civic leaders, Ray is keenly skilled at recognizing barriers that prevent individuals and organizations from reaching their full potential.  I highly recommend Ray Weaver to share his insights and expertise to help increase the effectiveness of any leadership team.” — J. Lipinski, Retired military and current e-commerce leader