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Year of Routine 

By: Ray Weaver, Founder & CEO 2/15/18

I have become a fan of routines. One such routine is giving each New Year a theme. 2018 is “The Year of Routine.” This comes after the “Year of Living Foolishly”, were I attempted to live with less routine, more spontaneity and gave into my impulses. *Note to self, some advice you should ignore.

The routine became clearer after watching ex-NFL tight-end Tony Gonzalez on the Herd last week. The topic came up about what he had noted in other greats from the sporting world. He spoke about the greats being people of “routine.” Their routines are what made them great. Including practice, warm-up routines, sleep, recovery routines, and other routines to keep them focused on what they had to do when it was time to do it.

As the year unfolds, I am looking at my routines. I find some are helpful, some need to be modified, and some I need to let go. Here is my list: 

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